Do you have pain in your heel when you have been sitting for a length of time?

It is possible you have a common condition called plantar fasciitis.

Why, you might ask yourself, has this happened?

👉Perhaps you have been wearing your trusted flip-flops daily?

👉Have you noticed that one of your feet is falling in on itself and losing its normal arch?

👉If you try to balance on the painful foot on one leg, do you wobble a lot more? (you may wobble on both to be fair, but one side may be worse than the other)

👉Do you find it difficult to raise onto the toes of the painful foot and balance on one leg for 15 times consecutively without cramping in your foot/leg, or losing your balance?

If you answer YES to some or any of the above, you could be struggling with plantar fasciitis.

Initially, to help relieve this painful condition, try rolling your foot on an iced bottle of water regularly to decrease the inflammation.

However, you may also benefit from a comprehensive biomechanical assessment to assess your full functionality and then make the appropriate changes to relieve the symptoms. At Holcombe Health Clinic, we are here to help you manage and alleviate this painful condition, so if you need any advice or assistance, please call 01634 817242 for a chat with one of our therapists.

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