Physiotherapy & Sports Therapy Treatments

Holcombe Health Clinic is located in Rochester, Kent. We provide a complete range of physiotherapy services.

All our services are provided in a safe, professional, and friendly environment by qualified therapists with advanced training.

We do not blind you with science, all our advice is given in plain English.

Our clinic therapists are highly experienced in personal, occupational and sports injury management and recovery.

At Holcombe Health we believe strongly in the holistic approach to the management and treatment of personal and sports injury. All our services are geared up to complement one another and have you on the road to recovery in no time, giving you advice on how to prevent new and further injury. For more information, please give us a call. 

Our Services


We can help with identifying, treating and rehabilitating many types of injury including back and neck pain.

Womens Health Physiotherapy

We can help with treating pain after an injury or any women’s health related issues or discomfort.

Sports Therapy and Massage

We can help with sports therapy and massage, deep tissue and myofascial release.

Baby Massage and Yoga

Improves your baby’s sleep and reduces stress for both parent and child.


Exercise strengthening the spinal muscles, improves posture, reduces risk of injury.

Running Clinic

Designed to help achieve your ‘running potential’ by working with you to become a stronger, faster and more resilient runner.

Waist Watchers

We can help change your lifestyle and improve your health from within.

What Our Lovely Clients Say

I would recommend Louise and Holcombe Health Clinic without any hesitation. Louise has helped me no end in order to get my body moving again due to severe arthritis. She’s treated me top to toe and has made a massive difference to my mobility, responding to what my body needs at that moment in time. I’m extremely grateful for the support and the encouragement she has given me. I leave each session feeling really positive about how my body is restrengthening. Through regular sessions, I can now see a more active future. On the more practical side…it’s easy to get to, there’s ample free parking outside of the front door to the building and evening appointments so I don’t have to organise childcare. Certainly makes a difference when you’re uncomfortable/in pain. Thanks so much.

Maisie O'Connor

Amazing professional team, relaxed and natural atmosphere. From the minute the shutters come up these guys know exactly what they are doing! 3 appointments so far and suggested exercises as well, feeling a massive improvement. Would recommend to anyone!

Steve Cook

I have used Louise at Holcombe for a long time now, even back to when Lou was in the small cabin I would highly recommend them, Lou has healing hands.

Andrew Living

Just come back from Holcombe Health Clinic and I cannot believe the difference in my back. My friend said go and see Louise and thank god I did. Very professional, a detailed chat to really explain my pain. Throughout she was explaining what she was doing and why. I am very happy and will be back at netball in the next few weeks!

Barbara Mullins

It’s important to feel in good hands when you’re injured and based on a recommendation I came to see Louise with a trapped nerve on the side of my neck (obviously very painful with minimum movement), and after seeing Louise the transformation was absolutely sublime as I could then move my head in all directions with little pain. I can’t recommend Louise highly enough as I personally think she has magical hands.
Oana Danciu

Honestly can’t tell you how good I feel after I go in for my back… My range of movement is massively increased after. If anyone has a problem you need to go to these people! They are amazing! Thank you again, Louise!

Rebecca Demwell

I couldn’t rate Holcombe Health Clinic more highly – Louise has worked miracles on a serious Neck / Upper Spine injury which had been unsuccessfully treated by other therapist for the previous 7 months. I had an Ironman event in 3 months time and couldn’t even get on a bike to train and, after only 2 sessions, I was seeing improvements… Healing doesn’t happen overnight but after 3 months therapy I was successfully able to complete the event with relatively little discomfort – this would not have been possible without the expert treatment from Louise. I would definitely recommend Holcombe Health Clinic.

Leigh Stace

The LPGA (ladies professional golf association) was lucky enough to have Lou for a week in China! She worked on players individually and I have to say she is the best physio I’ve ever worked with. She made me feel comfortable and also knew the limits I had to my body just by an assessment. I would recommend Lou to anyone who needs physio help and I would be happy to see any of her associates, as I’m sure she only hires the best! Thanks Lou for not only helping me heal but also educating me.

Jane Park

I have been visiting Louise for a couple of months now and there is always a warm friendly happy welcome from her team.
Louise has been treating my Back and Hamstrings and any other muscle group that attaches itself to them, the pain from her healing almost miracle hands has been worth it for some astonishing results. I have been able to continue playing sports FULL on at 47, I am an absolute convert. Thank you Louise for the pain but especially for all of the Gain. #superstar

David Hobbes