Functional Pilates

A total body workout with no impact combining functional movements used in your everyday

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Do you suffer from stiff joints or a weak or a painful back?

Are you looking to become stronger and more flexible?

Would like a total body workout but with no impact?

Then Functional Pilates, combining functional movements that work your balance, control, stability, strength and flexibility is the ideal class for you.

Benefits of Functional Pilates: 

  • ‘core’ spinal muscles are strengthened
  • posture and muscle imbalances are improved
  • back pain can be alleviated
  • risk of injury is reduced
  • a strong and aligned body is created
  • greater strength and muscle tone
  • improved flexibility and agility
  • strength, balance and coordination
  • a more efficient respiratory system
  • a healthy spine and improved posture
  • toned arms and thighs and a stronger back

Who is Functional Pilates suited to? 

  • all body types and fitness levels from the highest performing athlete to individuals with a variety of health problems

What Holcombe Health Clinic offers 

  • Functional Pilates classes tailored to cater for a variety of goals:
    • to increase fitness and tone the body
    • to address back pain and injuries
    • to improve core stability for specific sports (tennis, golf, squash to name a few)
    • to counterbalance a stressful lifestyle
    • to improve posture and flexibility

Functional Pilates classes

Designed by our very own Lou Hayes, Chartered Physiotherapist, the Functional Pilates classes comprise:

  • fun classes with a clinical approach to educating you in optimal functioning for life and sports
  • each class led by one of our two lovely instructors, Lou and Lisa
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