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Why have Indian head massage?

Physical and mental stress, are, unfortunately, today, usual complaints in our daily lives. Indian head massage has been used for centuries in India and other nations to help relieve the stresses and strains of modern life. Key areas where tension causes problems are in the shoulder, neck and head muscles. When the muscles are tense and begin to tighten, this can impede the free movement of the neck and shoulders. The tension, if left and not treated, can begin to cause headaches, and general aches and pains. Tension can also be a cause of mood swings and general feelings of anxiety. When our bodies are not fully functioning, because of stress and tension our immune system may become depleted and this can have a far-reaching effect on other bodily systems.

Indian Head Massage

What does Indian head massage involve?

The client is in a seated position, allowing the therapist to reach all the back, neck, head and face. A light T-shirt can be worn. Indian head massage, involves, working over the back, shoulders and arms, the neck, head and face, with a combination of different forms of massage. The different forms, use either, firm and but gentle pressure, rhythmic friction and rubbing movements, and stroking. Indian head massage uses this structured form of touch, to increase blood flow to the muscles, stimulate the nervous system, and help reduce tension caused by stress-related problems.

What benefits are gained from an Indian head massage?

With a good blood flow the muscles will begin to relax, improve in strength, and be less prone to stiffness. Strength in the neck and back helps to support the head, therefore improving posture and eases neck and head tension which leads to headaches and eyestrain. The effect is not just on a physical level, mentally and emotionally your body will benefit too. The treatment is calming and relaxing, it eases tension in the mind allowing clarity of thought and reducing anxiety. Indian head massage helps in the general relaxation of shoulder and neck muscles. Knotted muscles and stiffness in the neck and shoulders is reduced and can lead to restoration of joint and muscle movement. The scalp is loosened, easing tension headaches, which can lead to better sleep, and help relieve eyestrain. Relief from mental tension and emotional stress also helps reduce tiredness and mood swings. Oxygen levels are increased because of relaxation and deeper breathing, improving the function of the respiratory and immune systems.

Indian head massage is a wonderful way to relax the whole body. It allows the body and mind to become balanced and works holistically to improve general wellbeing.

Adapted Indian head massage to the ‘supine technique’

With increased sitting at a computer, shoulders are rounded and eyes straining at the computer screen, causing tension in the neck and shoulders as well as eye strain, leading to headaches and fatigue. Indian head massage can relieve tension in these areas of the body, by increasing circulation, improving muscle function and inducing deep relaxation.

The adapted ‘supine technique’ allows the client to rest lying on their back on the massage bed, turning halfway to receive the massage over the back, shoulders and neck. This technique totally relaxes the client, allowing them to drift way into a complete state of relaxation. 

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