Compex muscle stimulation

Strengthening weak muscles

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Using an electronic medical device with electrode pads, electro stimulation works by applying gentle external electrical style pulses to your muscles to stimulate them. This is actually more natural than it sounds. Electro stimulation reproduces what your brain does to your nerves and muscles when you decide to contract them, only in this instance, the electrodes send little shocks to your muscles without affecting the central nervous system or the brain. It is completely safe and your muscles won’tִ even feel the difference!

Electro stimulation also sends nerve messages to your muscles to help promote blood flow during a warm up, to expel lactic acid after a workout and reduce muscle tension by providing a relaxing effect on your muscles.

Here at Holcombe Health Clinic, we identify which muscles may be weak. We then use electro stimulation to strengthen the weak muscles, assist these muscles during rehabilitation, reduce swelling, relieve pain and aid recovery, in so doing, speeding up the treatment time.

Electro stimulation treatment is generally used in conjunction with other treatments we offer clients, thereby ensuring a complete body treatment for your injury.

Compex muscle stimulation

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