Baby massage

Calming and pain-relieving for your baby

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Are you a new mum feeling exhausted as a result of endless sleepless nights?

Are you struggling with a colicky baby, overwhelmed by this new responsibility and in need of some adult support or company?

Baby massage benefits 

  • stimulates the production of the hormone oxytocin, resulting in a calming and pain-relieving effect, which may help with teething
  • lowers stress and helps baby sleep more deeply
  • helps to prevent baby illnesses by improving immune function
  • improves sleep problems and digestion
  • aids co-ordination and balance and assists babies in the crawling to walking learning curve
  • reduces crying
  • strengthens the parent/child bond
  • relaxes both carer and child

Please contact Holcombe Health Clinic on 01634 817242 for information on class times and availability.

Baby Massage