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Systematic Kinesiologist

Systematic Kinesiology is a muscle testing holistic therapy that looks at the whole person. It was founded in America by a Chiropractor in 1964. In 1988 the Association of Systematic Kinesiology was founded. Since then it has helped people all over the world to become well again by working with the body and fixing the emotional, mental, chemical and physical impacts on your wellbeing. By fixing these in priority your mental and physical health will improve.

During your 1st session I will take a full lifestyle analysis and medical history assessment and will discuss with you your concerns and problems

Assessments are then made using gentle manual muscle testing by placing your arms and legs into various positions to identify imbalances which may be contributing to the your loss of health and well-being and detect ways to restore balance. This may include nutritional supplements, relaxation and other techniques, lifestyle changes and more. You are fully clothed during the assessment.

Follow Up Treatments

These are generally advised every 2-4 weeks between treatments the amount of treatments differ for everyone depending on your problems and the time you have had these for and will be discussed with you after the initial treatment

Adult – £50
Children – £35


Back neck and shoulder massage (30 mins) – £28
Back neck and shoulder massage & chakra balance (45 mins) – £36
Full body massage (60 mins) – £45
Full body massage & chakra balance (1hr 15mins) – £55
Back neck and shoulder massage (45mins) – £36
Full body massage inc face (1hr 15mins) – £70 

Sarah Herbert