Are you training for a particular event, half marathon, marathon, 5K, 10K or just running for general well-being and fitness?

Would you benefit from expert guidance from an elite runner and coach?

Running Clinic                     

Wednesdays 14:00-17:45

Our running clinic, managed by resident Sports Therapist and elite runner, Barry Royden aims to help achieve your ‘running potential’ by working with you to become a stronger, faster and more resilient runner. The running clinic comprises a 3-session Running Improvement Package:

Session 1 – Initial Assessment (1hr – £60.00)

  • Asymmetry, technique and biomechanics – treadmill-based running gait analysis to assess your current running style and establish any bio-mechanical issues
  • Analysis of stride mechanics (length and width of stride), impact (heel/mid/forefoot strike; position of foot in relation to body), upper body position (arm carriage, trunk position)
  • Establish running goals and targets
  • Provide simple and immediate feedback and advice on modifying your running style and training schedule

Session 2 – Running Strength Screening Assessment & Gait Re-training (1hr – £65.00)

  • Measurement of your ankles and dorsiflexion – this can be related to different body injuries, such as plantar fasciitis and its negative effect on your performance in running
  • Analysis and measurement of your hamstring and its eccentric strength – to help prevent hamstring injuries
  • Provide a personally designed training programme to address any identified deficits
  • Provide clear and simple instruction on how to incorporate gait/retraining/running technique changes to improve your running form and injury status

Sessions 1 & 2 combined – Soft Tissue Treatment (2hrs – £90.00)

  • Soft tissue treatment of any areas of dysfunction which have been identified. Use of a variety of treatments including deep tissue massage, myofascial release, soft tissue release and muscle energy techniques
  • Assessment of muscle dysfunction and provision of exercises to address the deficits

Session 3 – Fine-Tuning and Review (30mins – £45.00)

  • Progress review of running rehab programme, providing an opportunity for fine-tuning with focus on reassessment of running gait if required and tweaking where necessary
  • Agreement of clear goals to help focus efforts and improve success
  • Recommendations for further review and self-management

Running Club

Wednesdays 12:15-12.45 and 17:45-18:15
(£5 per person)

Every Wednesday, there are two opportunities to join Barry Royden, our running specialist and elite athlete, for a fun and informative running club, open to all ages and abilities (Juniors must be accompanied by an adult).

Meet for a warm up at Holcombe Health Clinic fifteen minutes before the session start time, after which Barry will lead the group on a route near the clinic, offering expert advice and guidance as you run.