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Achieve your running potential

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Wednesdays 14.00 – 17.45

Are you training for a particular event, half marathon, marathon, 5K, 10K or just running for general well-being and fitness?

Would you benefit from expert guidance from an elite runner and coach?

Our running clinic, managed by resident sports therapist and elite runner, Barry Royden, aims to help achieve your ‘running potential’ by working with you to become a stronger, faster and more resilient runner.

Running Clinic

The running clinic comprises a 3-session running improvement package:

Session 1 – initial assessment

  • asymmetry, technique and biomechanics – treadmill-based running gait analysis to assess your current running style and establish any bio-mechanical issues
  • analysis of stride mechanics (length and width of stride), impact (heel/mid/forefoot strike; position of foot in relation to body), upper body position (arm carriage, trunk position)
  • establish running goals and targets
  • provide simple and immediate feedback and advice on modifying your running style and training schedule

Session 2 – running strength screening assessment and gait re-training

  • measurement of your ankles and dorsiflexion – this can be related to different body injuries, such as plantar fasciitis and its negative effect on your performance in running
  • analysis and measurement of your hamstring and its eccentric strength – to help prevent hamstring injuries
  • delivery of a personally designed training programme to address any identified deficits
  • provision of clear and simple instruction on how to incorporate gait/retraining/running technique changes to improve your running form and injury status
  • soft tissue treatment of any areas of dysfunction which have been identified. Use of a variety of treatments including deep tissue massage, myofascial release, soft tissue release and muscle energy techniques
  • assessment of muscle dysfunction and provision of exercises to address the deficits

    Session 3 – fine-tuning and review

    • progress review of running rehab programme, providing an opportunity for fine-tuning with focus on a reassessment of running gait if required and tweaking where necessary
    • agreement of clear goals to help focus efforts and improve success
    • recommendations for further review and self-management

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