We hope you have all been enjoying this wonderful summer and would like you to invite you to discover what has been happening here at Holcombe Health Clinic and what we can now offer you which may be of interest and benefit to you.

We now have a varied selection of therapists and health professionals working within the clinic and we would like to provide you with a brief insight of their services. Many of them will be available at our Macmillan Coffee Morning and Holcombe Health Clinic Defibrillator Fund Raiser on Friday 14th September between 10am and 2pm in the Holcombe Sports Centre Clubhouse, where they will be delighted to introduce themselves and explain in more detail what they do.

Our Item of the Month is:-

The Benefits of Reflexology during Pregnancy

During pregnancy up to 71% of women experience low back pain (LBP) and up to 65% may develop pelvic girdle pain (GP), according to recent research. These two conditions can be difficult to distinguish from each other and conditions can increase towards the end of pregnancy, sometimes lasting up to 10 years after giving birth.

The result of this may cause pain and discomfort whilst completing even the simplest everyday tasks and also reduce mobility. Subsequently many women turn to pain relief in the form of paracetamol, co-codamol and diclofenac. More than half of women affected are reported to have turned to this form of pain relief, all of which have possible side effects during pregnancy.
Many midwives support complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) therapies. These are perceived as a safe and natural way to give women more control over their pregnancies. Recent research has provided some positive results supporting CAM therapies.

Figures resulting from a recent 6 week trial provided some encouraging information with the benefits of reflexology in particular.

A group of first time mothers in their 3rd trimester who were all suffering with LBPGP were split into three groups as follows: –

1. 6 weeks of 30 minute reflexology sessions and usual antenatal care
2. 6 weeks of 30 minute footbath treatments and usual antenatal care
3. Usual antenatal care.

All groups were measured in terms of heart rate and blood pressure figures and saliva samples were taken to examine levels of the stress hormones, cortisol and beta-endorphin. Additionally, there was access to the database used by the midwives detailing their labour notes.

Upon completion of the trial, it was noted that there was an increase in the frequency of LBPGP amongst the footbath group whereas the reflexology and usual antenatal care groups both experienced a decrease. Importantly though, the reflexology group produced a decrease of just over 4½ times greater than the usual care group’s figure. Therefore indicating how beneficial reflexology can be in the reduction of LBPGP and decreasing the use of medication.

Additionally, the figures relating to the labour of these different groups showed the advantage of reflexology during pregnancy. The group recorded a reduction in the length of the second stage of labour by an average of 44 minutes compared to the usual care and footbath groups, whose results were very similar.

The outcome of this trial indicates that reflexology can be of some benefit to women in their third trimester and subsequent labour. It is a safe therapy and can reduce pain and stress levels.
All of the participants in the reflexology group stated how much they had enjoyed their treatments and were in favour of it’s associated benefits. They also highlighted the relationship created between patient and therapist and the compassionate care and positive influence on the patient’s anxiety and self-awareness.

Geraldine Penfold – Reflexologist/Warm Wax Therapist

Reflexology is a holistic therapy- meaning it treats the body as a whole, rather than the symptoms of a disease. It relaxes the body mentally and physically, enabling the body’s systems to regain a healthy balance. Therefore, encouraging the body to work to its optimum potential. All the body’s systems can be treated by the gentle massage and pressure that pinpoints a corresponding reflex in the foot. Warm wax therapy is not a new invention, it has been used for many years to alleviate aching joints, sore muscles, and sports injuries. It has also been particularly beneficial in treating conditions such as Arthritis, Rheumatic disease and Tendonitis. It is also very useful to relieve the pain that accompanies some types of foot and heel problems. Contact Geraldine on 07870 812009.

Lisa Parker – Nutritionist

Each individual is unique and I will build you a personalised plan to suit your own needs whether you want to lose weight, alleviate symptoms of a medically diagnosed problem or eat the right food for your training requirements. We all live in a fast-moving, stressful world and eating healthily is not always top of our list of priorities, but I can show you some quick and easy recipe ideas which will fill your body with nutrients, rather than reaching for the nearest convenience food. Contact Lisa on 07973 854389.

Andrea Barker – Confidence Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist

Confidence underpins all that we do, in many different areas of our life. I work with people who want to feel more happy and Confident, and are ready to make the change, but just don’t know how. I am the How. What separates me from other coaches and therapists is that I use a combination of Hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching techniques, working together to find the best solutions for you, empowering you to move forward. Contact Andrea on 07984 04755, confidencecoach@andreabarker.co.uk, www.andreabarker.co.uk.

Ben Pemble – Foot Health Professional

Whether your feet deserve some pampering or are in need of treatment, I provide a professional and friendly foot care service to ensure your feet are kept healthy and in the best possible condition. Contact Ben on 07935 970917, www.benpemblefootcare.weebly.com.

Louise Dale – Advanced Aesthetic Nurse Prescriber

Stay Young was established over 8 years ago and in this time I have developed a lot of expertise in this speciality. Aesthetics is about making subtle changes to how we look. I don’t have a magic wand but I do have the tools and expertise to enable me to enhance the way you look and make you feel great about yourself again.
Treatments include: dermal fillers, wrinkle relaxing injections, PDO thread lift, PRP vampire facelift, cheek enhancement, lip augmentation to name a few. Contact Louise on 07894 464840

Deborah Jones – Electrolysis Practitioner

Deborah is an electrolysis practitioner with over twenty years of experience as hands on therapist and Lecturer. She is completely results driven and talks about how electrolysis is permanent and has changed many life’s because it works! Her passion for electrolysis and constant commitment to clients makes her stand out for the rest. Contact Deborah on 07957 783163, www.positive-pathways.co.uk

Sarah Herbert – Systematic Kinesiology
Systematic Kinesiology is a muscle testing holistic therapy that looks at the whole person. It was founded in America by a Chiropractor in 1964. In 1988 the Association of Systematic Kinesiology was founded. Since then it has helped people all over the world to become well again by working with the body and fixing the emotional, mental, chemical and physical impacts on your wellbeing. By fixing these in priority your mental and physical health will improve. Contact Sarah on 07933 138168, enquiries@holistic-health-kinesiology.co.uk

Emma Parkinson – PRP Therapist

Want a natural alternative to younger looking skin or thicker/fuller hair?
Toxin and chemical free. 100% natural/
Platelet-rich plasma (PRP)is a revolutionary treatment, completely natural and works from within. Helping to effectively turn back time and help reverse the ageing process, by using many growth factors found inside the PRP, to enhance reproduction of collagen and hyaluronic acid. Used on the face treating fine lines and wrinkles; giving a ‘face lift’, dark circles, rosacea, acne, scarring and many more common skin conditions. Also known as the ‘Vampire’ or ‘Dracula’ facial. Contact Emma on 07551 473201, ep.regeneration@gmail.com

Michelle Burke – Sports Massage, Holistic Core Restore

Michelle specialises in women’s Health, in particular Pre and Post-natal fitness. She teaches a range of classes including Buggy Mumma fitness, ladies bootcamp and Holistic Core Restore®️Courses designed to tackle women’s health issues.
More recently Michelle has become a soft tissue remedial massage therapist, offering pregnancy massage, post-natal recovery and c section scar tissue massage.

Our Clinic is constantly growing so please do enquire if there is a treatment or therapy you are interested in but cannot find any details listed here, it may be something we have in the pipeline.
We are now able to offer a follow up to our wonderful and very popular Baby Massage Classes – Baby Yoga.

Baby Massage
• Stimulates the production of the hormone oxytocin, which has a calming and pain-relieving effect, which may help with teething.
• Lowers stress and helps baby sleep more deeply.
• Helps to prevent baby illnesses by improving immune function.
• Improves sleep problems and digestion.
• Aids co-ordination and balance and assists babies in the crawling to walking learning curve.
• Reduces crying.
• Strengthens the parent/child bond.
• Relaxes both carer and child.

At Holcombe Health Clinic we run a 6 week baby massage course, suitable for babies from around 6 weeks. Sessions are very relaxed and informal but you will go away with the confidence to use the techniques demonstrated at home as part of a regular routine for you and your baby. Each week there will be time for refreshments and socialising as well as any questions you may have. We provide all mats, towels, organic massage oil and printed handouts of everything you have learned on the course.

Baby Yoga
• Improves relaxation, encouraging longer sleep duration and better quality of sleep.
• Helps relieve colic, constipation and wind.
• Stimulates all baby’s major systems: co-ordination, respiration, digestion, learning ability and language development.
• Strengthens the emotional and physical bond between parent and child.
• Relaxes both parent and child.
• Helps balance, co-ordination and motor skills.
• Allows babies to move freely.
• Strengthens baby’s body and develops reflexes.
• Improves learning and social development.
• Stimulates the brain.
• Develops physical confidence and spatial awareness.
• Improves muscle development.
• Promotes confidence in handling baby.
• Offers a great opportunity for Dads as well.
• Provides a great social environment for parent and baby.
• Reduces blood pressure and stress levels in parent.

Our first Beginners’ Baby Yoga class at Chilled Cherubs starts on Thursday 13th September 11:00 to 12:00 and is suitable for babies 8 weeks old to 20 weeks. Advanced baby yoga (from 20 weeks onwards) will run from October. Please call Lisa or Lou at the clinic for more details on 01634 817242.